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Message from MD

With the advent of modern civilization, technology has immensely been influencing all corners of human livelihood. Often, as we come across, newer technologies and techniques emerge up and put us into changed and faster lifestyle track mainly by adding newer dimensions to the conventional daily-life patterns.

It is to be noted with higher importance that the recent boom of the easy-accessible, instant -independent cyber-mass-media and application-based interpersonal communication tools are making consumers aware of the attributes of each products hit the market thus put total control on buying decision making process even in moments whereas, ‘staying competitive’ is the essence to become successful in today’s world.

From time immemorial, Paper has been the key component of human civilization and even after rapid digitization, we cannot even think for a while without Papers. Bangladesh, from its inception has been blessed with some state-owned Paper Mills that used to consume local fibers for Paper Manufacturing, soon experienced significant rise of private sector and industrialization and that led to a huge requirements of good quality Paper Manufacturers. Bashundhara became the pioneer in introducing first ever Paper Mill in private sector (BPML Unit-2) and started serving Bangladesh with different types of Papers, gracious thanks to Hon’ble Chairman of Bashundhara Group Mr. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, who is not only an optimistic and courageous businessman but also a successful entrepreneur and visionary business leader in Bangladesh. He was and still is driven by his vision of building an economically prosperous nation.

Soon after this 1st endeavor in Paper Sector, the very organization took some courageous steps to set-up other Paper units in quick succession, namely – BPML Unit-1, BPML Unit-3 and Bashundhara Multi Paper Industries Ltd. (BMPIL). Not only setting up newer establishments with state-of- the-art machineries & technical know-how from industry-best global companies, but also Bashundhara Paper Mills Ltd. (BPML) has been persistent in developing high-skilled & motivated local resources who ‘are passionate to help the World Excel in Education, Communication, Business & Salutariness by providing Eco-Sustainable Paper Based Solutions’.

Today, the name ‘Bashundhara Paper’ is a name of trust and commitment that solely direct to achieve the lion-share in Paper & Tissue market of Bangladesh, even we are the highest Paper exporter from Bangladesh in latest consecutive years. At present, we are eyeing on Future and already signed contract with world’s top technology providers for a 2,000 MTD Board Mills, the project has been expected to come into being by end 2019.

We from Bashundhara Paper Mills Ltd. (BPML) and Bashundhara Multi Paper Industries Ltd. are resilient and constructive to see Bangladesh as a Nation economically prosperous in quick times and how well we can contribute in achieving that.